security. instruction. guidance. origin. clarity. unity. peace.

stories hold power and instruction - a carefully planned arrangement of words that impart knowledge and structure to life. 

the founders believe that the ability to story-tell must only be given to those who are worthy enough to wield it. life is lived to chip away the unknowable, and stories must be used to achieve the best for humanity, unlike the dreamers who squander its power.    

 here is their doctrine. 


The History

The founders declared that many years ago, our unified pangaea - built by the founders- did not exist. it was scattered and floating in the sky, a land broken and separated by the clouds and one, vast ocean that enveloped the earth below. the pieces of land rarely stayed put, and only the warring tribes of skysurfing gangs had the resources to chain their conquered areas up to their massive ships below. 

the muses 

looking for inspiration? aside from seeking guidance directly from the pantheon, one may find clarity in the presence of the muses. present yourself and meditate - if you're quiet enough, you might just find the answers you need!

the pantheon of founders

Coming soon!