wild. turbulent. mysterious. perspective. discovery. exploration. Wonder. awe.

stories are meant to celebrate the unknown - the twists, turns, transformations and destruction unto each other.

the dreamers believe that the ability to story-tell must be free for all of humanity. although they believe that life is truly unknowable, stories give a glimpse to the essence of each person, one's purpose - and that has been taken away by the founders.   

 here is their mythology. 


The dream manuals

there is a lot you can do with pen and paper, especially when people barely use them. the only way the rebellion lives, ironically, is through the symbol of the founders - books. the physical, smell-the-pages kind. the dreamers leave them in the nooks and crevices around the world, ready for those who are curious (and brave) enough to dream for themselves. 


Mythical creatures


spirit animals



the wilder

Dreams only had a place in the mind, but they were pushed out into the physical world after the blank page event happened. they inhabit the wilders - the forgotten lands, the cracks in the world that are hidden from the founders' grasp. dreamers fortunate enough to slip past their fortifications manage to escape the risk of being 'rebooted' in exchange for security and comfort. 

documentation of these lands, and the people who have adapted to the wilder are on-going in the hopes to start a community away from the founders.