myths and legends reborn in ink.


The dreaming manuals

FIELD BOOKS that reimagine ancient stories, and told in modern brushstrokes. 


Mythical creatures BOOKLET

Exploring a world in the future where people lost the ability to imagine and dream. there are dreamers who can still find ways to record the archetypes and symbols of old to help the rest of humankind to unlock their mind's hidden power. This manual focuses on celebrated mythical creatures that make an appearance to a particular "frilly" dreamer. 


spirit animals




the dream shards

bite-sized stories at the palm of your hand: a growing collection of inked cards with short poems that explore the weird but very human affinity with symbolism and the imaginary.  


Ladies & Maidens card Set

the first set of sketch cards with an illustrated theme of "STRONG ladies" theme that represents a word or a virtue. also comes with a short poem at the back of each card - 10 cards with 10 poems for each character packaged in a box. 

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