I want to make sure that i get updates of your work - is this possible?

Sure thing! Subscribe to my mailing list and you'll be the first one to know about new products and limited editions, as well as special offers just for my mailing list subscribers! check out the "new stuff" section under "events" to sign up! 

I'd like to contact you!

I'm always online - you can reach me through E-mail or follow my social media accounts

Name *

How long does it take to deliver my stuff? 

Domestic/ local delivery (within the philippines): around 1-3 business days 

international delivery: around 3-7 business days 

*duration of delivery only applies as soon as courier receives your stuff from me.

Do you accept commissions? How much do you charge?

I accept commissions! send me a quick e-mail at camille.patrice.chua@gmail.com for price quotes :)

i'm from the philippines and i would like to know if you accept php payments (instead of usd) for your products?

Sure thing! click on the button below to see php/philippine peso prices for my products. There is also a paypal "pay now" button for php transactions in the store page!

I'm from the philippines and i don't have paypal. are there any other ways i can send payments for your products & services?

you can send payments through the following:

1. paymaya 

2. bank deposit/ transfer - robinsons bank & bank of the philippine islands

3. meet ups - within metro manila only, mostly on weekends or pickup point in ortigas/san juan city area

4. pre-convention reservation - payment in future conventions

*please email camille.patrice.chua@gmail.com with a) list of products and/or commissions you want b) add email title: "<your name>: php alternative mode of payment" c)mention if you want to pay in PHP or in usd in the email body

*I will reply to your email inquiry with my bank account/paymaya details and other details to validate your payment. 

What materials do you use for your traditional art? 

INKs - UniBall signo pens(white and gold), sai brushpens, pilot brushpen, pilot g-tec c3

gouache - holbein, daler & rowney